Mediterranean climate

Mediteranean climate

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by no freezing temperatures in winter and dry summers. During the winter months, many Europeans choose to stay at many Cancun resorts to
beat the cold temperatures. Vacationing at a hotel Punta Cana or other Dominican Republic cities are other places you may find people from the Mediterranean trying to stay warm.

This climate occurs on the Western part of the continent and refers to zones in a range of latitudes between 30 and 45 degrees. There is a rather wet and soft winter and precipitations are clearly delimitated in time. Summers are hot and arid. The Mediterranean climate is of C type according to the Köppen classification (moderate wet with dry summer).


Provance - France

  • The shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The Crimea peninsula in south Russia.


    Provance - France

  • Morocco
  • North of Algeria
  • North of Tunisia like along its coasts
  • The Cape area in South Africa (Elizabeth Port)


  • The Middle East.

    Middle East Mediterranean climate

    North America

  • The south and center of California and the extreme north of Lower California.

    South America

    Santiago - Chile

  • The Santiago of Chile area.


    Margaret river area near Pearth

  • South-west Australia around Perth.